18 oktober 2015

About us

Esports in the Netherlands has always been very nationally oriented, while other sports are very regionally oriented. There was no esports club that had expressly linked itself to a city or region. Breda Guardians is changing that.

Breda Guardians is exclusively for gamers from Breda and the surrounding area. The major advantage of this geographical selection is that it makes it easy to participate in our activities. For this reason, we regularly organize fun activities for our members. Think of tournaments, workshops, LAN parties and more.

Breda Guardians is of course all about esports, but above all about the social aspect of esports. Conviviality is therefore of paramount importance at Breda Guardians. You get to know people from your own region who have the same passion and new friendships are created.

Breda Guardians is divided into four divisions, namely:

Counter Strike 2
Rocket League
League of Legends

Are you also a fanatical gamer and do you live in (the vicinity of) Breda? Then Breda Guardians is for you! Join our discord server here!.

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